Member Benefits

For only €50 per year members receive a wide range of benefits and services:

  • Peace of mind – Access to Professional Legal Advice when you MOST need it
  • Dedicated telephone line for Members – A solicitor at the end of the phone to advise you
  • Dedicated e-mail Address for Members – Written advices provided by email.
  • Equality of Arms – Legal Representation by a full legal team as required – a solicitor, Junior Counsel and Senior Counsel
  • Discounted Legal Costs – A reduced charge out rate of €100 plus vat per hour instead of the standard fee of €300 plus vat per hour.
  • Education and Training – free access to web based material on FTP related issues
  • Updates on Fitness to Practice Complaints – The latest decisions and news on Fitness to Practice Complaints and related matters
  • Special Offers Only Available to Our Members  Discounted legal services for members 

Expert Legal Representation

When you retain Regulatory Legal Defence you know that you are dealing with a team of professionals. Our dedicated professional team of solicitors and support staff are experienced in Fitness to Practise Complaints and related issues. Because of our years of experience in this area of law we can efficiently and professionally help you to respond to a complaint.

Dedicated Telephone Help Line 9am to 5pm

Most if not all teachers will be the subject of a complaint at some time throughout their career. In our experience most teachers are unsure how to respond to a complaint. Early legal advice and intervention is essential. A minor complaint if not handled correctly can have serious consequences. With a Standard Retainer with Regulatory Legal Defence we will assist you and guide you at every step of the complaints process at the reduced professional fee. You will only pay as you use the service.

Dedicated Email Address

All complaints should be in writing and copied to Regulatory Legal Defence as soon as practicable. We shall provide you with written advices by e-mail and copy you any correspondence on your behalf addressed to the Board of Management, the Teaching Council, the Complainant or any other party. You will be fully in the picture at all times.

A Reduced Professional Fee of €100.00 Per Hour (plus VAT)

The average charge-out rate for solicitors is €300 per hour plus vat. This represents a significant saving for you.

  • The professional time expended in dealing with a Fitness to Practice Complaint before the Teaching Council could amount to 100 hours or more. This does not include attendances in the High Court.
  • At the standard charge out rate of €300 per hour plus vat this would amount to €36,900.
  • For a Standard Retainer the professional fee would be €10,000 plus vat.
  • From experience the professional time expended in dealing with a complaint before a Board of Management is estimated at 10 hours on average. This would result in a professional fee of €3,000 plus vat.
  • For a Standard Retainer the fee would be €1,000.00 plus vat
  • In many cases Boards of Management are more prepared to discharge the reduced professional fee in certain circumstances.
  • The savings achieved are actually greater because you are dealing with solicitors who are expert in this area of law and can deal with your matter in an efficient and competent way.
  • You will be advised as to the time expended on your matter and billed accordingly. No hidden surprises.
These savings speak for themselves.
Note- The solicitor professional fees particularised in the examples above are indicative only.

Seminars and Training at Reduced Rates

The best way to deal with a fitness to practice complaint is to avoid a complaint in the first instance. The Company will host training seminars in various topics related to fitness to practice complaints to include:
  • Fitness to Practise Complaints
  • Know your legal rights
  • How to deal with difficult people and conflict resolution
  • The pit falls and how to avoid them
The best way to handle a fitness to practise matter is to learn from others. Regulatory Legal Defence will regularly provide you with an update on real complaints, the circumstances, how they were handled and the ultimate determination to include any learning outcomes and guidance arising from same.


Every quarter you will receive a Newsletter by e-mail which will cover various topics in connection with Fitness to Practise Complaints. The Newsletter will cover teacher Fitness to Practices Complaints determinations by the Teaching Council or the Courts in the previous quarter to include a commentary on same.

PLUS - A Range of Discounted Services

Wills and Succession Planning
Many people unfortunately neglect to make a Will. If you fail to make a Will it means that your estate will be distributed in accordance with the Succession Act which may not have been your intention or wish. This often results in litigation and the assets of the estate being wasted on litigation costs. Swaine Solicitors will provide you with free advice on Succession Planning and will draft your Will for free.
Buying or selling property
Swaine Solicitors offer a discounted conveyance professional fee of 0.75% plus vat plus outlay of the sale/purchase price of residential property and land subject to a minimum professional fee of €900 plus vat
Personal Injury
If you have been the victim of an accident which is not your fault you may be entitled to compensation. Swaine Solicitors are known as Ireland’s leading personal injury Law Firm. Swaine Solicitors will discharge the costs of the initial medical reports on your behalf.
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